PC49 Annual

The P.C. 49 stories appear in the first series of the main Eagle Annual, but as yet I have to date this annual to know whether it precedes the main Eagle Annuals or if it appeared during the same years. The author, Alan Stranks, is labelled as Author of the famous Radio Series. There are four main stories in this, each illustrated by colour plates.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Andrew Dakers Limited, London in Unknown

Edited by : Alan Stranks

Illustrated by: John Worsley

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 25.5cm with 94 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • P.C. 49's moustache quietens a baby.
  • Dodging bullets was an occupational hazard.
  • Unlike many annuals, the back cover had a different illustration from the front, as here:
  • PC49 Annual rear cover illustration

The Case of the Million Dollar Baby Page 8
The Case of the Giant Marrow 34
The Case of the Big Needle 57
The Case of the Feathered Smuggler 77

P.C. Forty-nine's moustache seemed to quieten the baby Facing Page 4
"Shots!" said P.C. Forty-nine tensely, as he sprinted towards the sound 5
As the revolver barked P.C. Forty-nine flung himself to the right 24
"What have you done with that boy?" grunted Forty-nine 25
"Who polished off Tricky Watson?" snarled Boomer 48
"Try this for size, Chum!" gasped Forty-nine 49
In the mist ahead, he could see a shadowy figure, running fast 72
"This is madness!" spluttered Archie. "You can't be up here!" 73