On the Beat with PC49 Annual

On the Beat with PC49 begins with a certificate that you can sign to solemnly promise to uphold the law and so become a member of the Fortyniners' Club. There's not just stories in this issue, you also can read tips on how to be a junior 'tec, written by "Chief Inspector Wilson"

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Preview Publications in Unknown

Edited by : Alan Stranks

Illustrated by: John Worsley

Dimensions : 20.5cm x 26cm with 94 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Read a personal note from Brian (P.C. 49) Reece
  • Learn the language of the lawless - mainly Cockney rhyming slang - so perhaps all criminals are Londoners?

The Case of the Laughing Man PAGE 8
The Case of Bunny's Christmas Box 40
The Case of the Sinister Secret 55

Foreword by Brian (P.C. 49) Reece 6
Cartoon Crime Quiz 36
Solution to Cartoon Crime Quiz 88
The Language of the Lawless, by Eric Phillips 89
Two Tips for Junior'Tecs, by Leslie Perrins 92

Fortyniners' Club Certificate FACING PAGE 4
Six inches from his own was a slightly purpling face, piercing blue eyes seemed to stab right through him 5
An ugly stiletto clattered on the table between them. "With that!" he added viciously 24
As P.C. Forty-nine hurled himself forward, he felt a bullet graze his cheek 25
The lid snapped open. The small squawking policemen shot forth and his truncheon found the target 48
"Bless my soul!" gasped Snell. "And I was worried about my indigestion!" 49
He felt the cold muzzle of the revolver jammed hard against the back of his neck 72
The thug stopped short, as if he had run into an invisible brick wall 73