Eagle Book of Amazing Stories 1974

Eagle Book of Amazing Stories 1974, a digression from the main annual, this book takes the form of text based stories with supporting images. The stories are from all around the world, from Ned Kelly in Australia to John Smith in America. Each story is well told and beautifully illustrated with its supporting pictures.

Original Price : 70p

Published by : IPC Magazines. A Fleetway Annual in 1973

Dimensions : 19.5cm x 27.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Illustrated by the world-famous artist Fortunino Matania
  • Hear how Britain nearly lost its Crown Jewels
  • Learn how the Normans invaded and conquered
  • See which monarch was truly insane
The Caged Lion 4
Blackbeard's Last Fight 10
The First Cannon 14
The Man in the Iron Mask 16
On the Run with Bonnie Prince Charlie 21
Ned Kelly - The Armoured Bushranger 27
Death in the Arena 32
Cortez - The Conquistador 35
The Fighting Lady 41
The Crown in Peril 46
The Duke Must Die 51
The Invader 57
John Smith - Soldier of Fortune 66
The Mad Czar 71
The Colossus at Rhodes 75
They Stole the Pharoah's Treasure 76
The Black Prince Rides to War 81
The Pen and the Sword 85
Daniel Boone 91
The First Tank 94