Riders of the Range - an associated Eagle Annual, circa 1953

Riders of the Range continues the theme of being an annual produced separately from the main Eagle Annual, but published "By Permission" of Eagle. It's a good mix of stories, features and strip-stories about life in the wild west.

Original Price : Unknown

Published by : Juvenile Productions Ltd in about 1953

Dimensions : 20cm x 26.5cm with 96 pages.

Selected highlights:
  • Jeff Arnold meets a headless horseman
  • Read the Cowboy's Prayer, attributed to James Barton Adams
  • Plays Ropes and Rattlers, instead of Snake and Ladders
  • Solve Sheriff Pottle's problems - sounds painful...
Stories of Rangers, Outlaws and Indians Page
Wyatt Earp - Frontier Marshall 2
The Phantom of Rain Valley 8
Luke's True Story 12
The Battle of Adobe Walls 27
Jeff Arnold and the Ghost Rider 46
The Gun 56
Pecos Bill 65
Mangus Colorado, War Chief of the Mimbreno Apaches 72
On the Ranch and Prairie  
The Art of Roping 14
It's Common Sense in the West 23
Transport in the West 35
The Cowman's Prayer 69
More Curious Critturs 70
Your Western Library 94
Cowboys at Play  
Can you Guess? 22
Sheriff Pottle's Problem 26
Ropes and Rattlers 40
Quiz 92
Riders of the Range Picture-Strips  
Jeff Arnold Spoils the Show 18
Rustler Turns Rustler 42
Luke's Tricky Throw 88
Colour Plates  
"Throw down your guns or make your fight," said Wyatt Frontispiece
Facing Page
A dally-roper makes his throw 16
With a shout of defiance the two men bounded out of the door 33
Jeff pointed the rifle towards the headless horseman 48
That horse takes a flyin' leap over the Rocky Mountains 65
A shot from Johnson killed the Apache's horse 80